USA is urging fight against Chinese chipmakersUSA is urging fight against Chinese chipmakers

US urging fight against Chinese chipmakers the US is now lobbying its Asian allies to support its attempts to deprive China’s chip and tech sector of chips, which signifies a new chapter in the effort chip entity list updated.

According to Bloomberg, US envoy Rahm Emanuel emphasized the need of a unified front in his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Sunday.

A conference on Friday will bring President Biden and Kishida together for talks. Bloomberg reported that the two nations are expected to sign a joint declaration about security risks even though plans to restrict access to Japan’s chip sector are still in the works, according to Emanuel.

Japan continues to be a significant producer of CMOS image sensors and NAND memory, although no longer being as influential as it once was. According to International Trade Administration, Japan is now primarily involved in the semiconductor sector through the production of tools and material for chips.

US maintains applying pressure to China

The Biden administration has intensified attempts to strangle China’s semiconductor industry the $1.2 trillion US Chips and Science Act was passed this summer. US is urging fight against Chinese chipmakers.

China’s domestic chip sector has lagged behind that of South Korea, Taiwan, and the US despite being the second-largest global economy behind the US. China is now able to make semiconductors with a 7nm minimum size.

Access to specialist UV lithography technology needed to make 7nm and smaller components is one of the difficulties China faces.

US Government targeting China Chip entity list updated

The Biden government has specifically targeted Chinese chipmakers in addition to restricting access to chipmaking machinery. The largest memory maker in China, Yangtze Memory Technology Company (YMTC), was included in the Commerce Department’s “Entity List” last fall along with 35 other businesses. The action essentially banned exporting and selling USA goods to these businesses.

China has responded by appealing to the World Trade Organization over US semiconductor export- import restrictions. However the WTO is unable to act since these restrictions put in place for reasons of national security US is urging fight against Chinese chipmakers.

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